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There is a big problem in closing the sale right now in bridal.

It is not your fault...

Actually there are 3 reasons why

Problem No 1

Not Asking for the order... Means no sale

Problem No 2

Not Handing Objections... Means no sale

Problem No 3

Not Following Up... 
Means no sale

Are you ready to discover the selling secrets of how to ask for the sale, handle objections at the right time and follow up with the close in mind...


Selling Secrets is for bridal stylists, new or experienced, offering a power packed online course with videos, workbooks and articles that make it easy to close more sales and make you more money
what people are saying about us

From my first contact with Maria I was impressed with her knowledge and experience in the bridal industry.
After spending time discussing my requirements Maria tailored a course suitable to meet these. Her sales training combines the theory of sales with live examples which makes the training more accessible and makes Maria all the more credible.
The fact that after 23 years she still takes sales appointments in her own boutique is reflected in the quality of training delivered. Each member of staff received a training manual packed full of useful tips and techniques.

 Angharad, Angharad Bridal



This is why Get Savvy™ created Selling Secrets Say "YES" To Success

To give every bridal boutique the chance to access the secrets that will give you confidence to ask for the order, handle objections at the right time & in the right way and follow up without fear of failure, created by Maria Musgrove-Wethey.

Maria has been selling gowns for over 20 years with a conversion rate of 70%. She has come to the conclusion that many stylists think that selling is just about putting the bride in gowns and if she says “Yes to the Dress” it’s down to the bride and not down to her. She thinks it’s rude to ask for the sale and her favourite line as a bride walks away is “She’ll be back” but fails to follow up as that’s way too pushy!! What she doesn’t realise is that failing to close means you fail to get the sale. To some stylists “selling” is a dirty word or they just don’t know how to sell or where to access a training course that understands the bride of today, her need to shop around and her reluctance to say “Yes to the Dress”.

This is why Get Savvy has designed Selling Secrets - Say YES to success which has been delivered “live” at boutiques throughout the UK and Europe since 2015. The difference is that Maria still sells gowns across wide price points from samples to bespoke £5000 creations so she fully understands the highs and lows of the bridal appointment. In this action packed course she shares her selling secrets and it is now available on line so wherever you are in the world (and in your sales experience) you can access it from your shop, sofa, sitting in a bar using your phone, I pad or laptop. Oh and as many times as you like ………. you only pay once! Great if you need a refresher or if you’ve recruited new stylists.

As seen in

Maria was a presenter of customer service, culture change and coaching programmes for an international training company TMI.
Since 1997 Maria has opened 5 shops, bought an existing business, successfully sold 2 and still owns The Pantiles Bride and Go Bridal in Tunbridge Wells. 

 Maria is an NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Master Practitioner. 

 Maria has improved sales and conversion rates with her sales training and guided several "wannabes" to successfully open up bridal boutiques earning her the nickname "Maria the Mentor".

Imagine what life would be like if...
  • you close more sales and your conversions increase
  • ​you reach your sales targets
  • ​you have fewer cancellations or no shows 
  • ​you have ready answers to all of those common objections
  • ​you win over “The Bride Tribe” - lose them & you lose the sale
  • ​you know what closes to use to get her to “Yes”
  • ​you are confident that your stylists can sell on their own without you “babysitting” them
  • ​you hear “Yes to the Dress” more often than “She’ll be back”
  • ​you have a way of measuring conversions and if they fall…
  • ​you have access to this training again and again at no extra cost!!

And all this for less than the price of a sample gown!!

what people are saying about us

I have to say, bringing Maria in for training was one of the best business decisions we have ever made. She has such a wealth of knowledge of all things bridal and as a boutique owner herself, she is fully relatable and understands the trials and tribulations of working in the bridal industry.
The sales training workbook has proved to be an invaluable resource that we often refer to when we need to brush up on our skills. Implementing the training that Maria provided has seen our conversion rate increase substantially and the various other resources she provided has helped us to identify our ideal client and maximise sales opportunities through effective marketing.
If you want to set yourself up for successful sales in your bridal boutique, Maria is an expert in her field and is simply the best in our opinion.

 Gemma - Ivory Pearl - Portstewart 

What’s in the course?
Module 1 
Shares the most important Selling Secret which is …….. the ability to step inside “The World of Bride” and to find your “Reset” button if you’re not in the right mood/mindset. 
 We’ll look at:
  • Press your “Reset” button with The Mindset Builder
  • Selling styles - what “Animal” are you?
  • Convincer strategies
Module 2
Takes you through my sales process from before your bride walks through the door with lots of how to(s):
 We’ll look at:
  • Get her to want to buy before she’s in the boutique
  • Create rapport at the door
  • Avoid getting “Derailed at the rail”
  • ​Discover her “Magic Words”
  • ​Uncover her “Crazy Bits”
  • ​Set up “The Triangle of Control”
  • ​use language that sells
  • ​Play the elimination game
  • ​Get “Frock Focus” and a “Yes to the Dress”
  • ​Say “Hi” to Performance Petra and “Bye” to Put her in dresses Pauline & Pushy Pasha
Module 3
Helps you handle objections by exploring why many of us hate objections because we fear hearing the word “No” as we take it as a rejection. The module covers:
  • The Block & Crush technique - a way of pre-empting objections
  • Creating urgency without creating fear
  • Zig Ziglar’s 5 most common obstacles to a sale
  • ​The 5 most common objections in bridal
  • ​The importance of practising overcoming objections
  • ​Winning over The Bride Tribe who can be one of your main roadblocks to getting her to “Yes”
Module 4
Shows the different ways to close a sale depending on your bride and your selling style and the secret of “One more question” and, if she really isn’t buying today, how The Fear of Follow Up means you Fail to get the Sale. Here are the different closing techniques:
  • Assumptive close
  • Summary close
  • Take it away close
  • ​Now or never close
  • ​Puppy Dog close 
  • ​The Columbo close
Some of the Secrets you will learn inside of Selling Secrets
Along with the training, we provide you with your workbook that will shortcut the process even more. Create your selling savvy sales team in months instead of years (or never!!) with this incredible training.

Enrol for the Get Savvy Selling Secrets Training for £245...
Normal Price £495!

Plus Super Bonus Facebook Group for Support and Q&A 
Plus Super Bonus Get Savvy Summit for One Month

Enrol for the Get Savvy Selling Secrets Training for £245...
Normal Price £495!

what people are saying about us

Maria definitely made the sales team engage with new ideas, I asked her to come back again for a refresher, I think they will expect her to come every year now. 

 Chris Kilsby The Cotswold Frock Shop

Guarantee of full refund.
If after 48 hours if you did not get any value and feel this is just not for you we will offer you a full refund.
what people are saying about us

I contacted Maria when I initially decided to open my bridal boutique in Donegal, Ireland.
I had a quite a bit of business experience and was looking for some insight into the world of bridal, which I was completely new to. After an initial chat we put a more formal arrangement in place with ‘Maria the Mentor’.
I would honestly say this was the best money I spent when setting out. I found Maria honest, approachable and easy to work with. She has a wealth of experience in the industry and is well known and respected, among her peers and bridal suppliers through her multiple bridal businesses.
A business owner herself, she is well voiced on all areas of running a bridal boutique from the legal and financial considerations to the day to day dealing with brides. Maria is particularly passionate about sales training training and she has been an ongoing source of support and inspiration in this area. Furthermore, as Maria currently runs two bridal boutiques, she is up to date and well aware on current issues in the industry, brand performance and everything else in the wonderful world of bridal!

Carole - Pearls & Lace

what people are saying about us

Maria is an engaging trainer and has added so much value to our sales team.   She is easy to work with and understands our industry.  Maria has been a breath of fresh air to our team. 

She works with you to understand where you and your consultants need help and puts together a program tailored to your needs
We love working with her, and her knowledge of the sales process, customer and NLP practices are so helpful to our business – I can’t wait until our next training session!
Would recommend Maria to anyone looking to take their staff and sales to the next level.

Lynsay Speirs Bijoux Bridal, Hamilton, Scotland

Are you ready to stop losing sales and start selling more and making more money?
frequently asked questions
For how long can I access the course?
You have access to this training again and again at no extra cost!!
How do I access the course?
It’s on a platform called Teachable and once you’ve paid you’ll receive your email with your login details. You can access it whenever and wherever you want eg you can binge watch or cherry pick the learning topics.
Who can access the course?
The licence will be for your boutique only and your team. You will be able to access it from several different devices at the same time.
Can I get a refund?
We have a no questions asked refund policy within 48 hours. Just send us an e-mail and we’ll refund you.
Is there a payment plan?
You can purchase the modules separately.
Who is this for?
I’m new and have never sold a dress - Yes it is for you.
I’ve sold a few dresses and want to sell more - Yes it is for you.
I’ve been selling for years - Yes it is for you.
I’ve already been on one of your courses and/or bought the manual - Yes it is for you.
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Losing Sales, losing money,  Wanting to give up... Why not step up and Sign up for less than the cost of that "Who BOUGHT this then sample"
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Enrol for the Get Savvy Selling Secrets Training for £245...
Normal Price £495!

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